Michael (lonelygayguy) wrote,

The Beginning of the End (of the Beginning)

So, yeah, it's been awhile.

I think I'm gonna start a new journal, maybe... Doesn't really feel like I should use this one anymore. Not that I don't have a lot of the same problems, issues, concerns, interests and feelings that I had years back -- but I'm certainly at a different point in my life now. I think it would be best to leave this journal intact (for nostalgia and such), but equally important for it to remain as it is, rather than diluting it with thoughts from the current that feel very detached from the years covered in this journal.

I'm still with Trent, and it's going great -- two years on June(teenth) 19th! Every day I'm reminded of why I love him, and new ways and reasons in/for which to do so. I'm still drudging through undergrad; it's easy as fuck, and tedious as fuck, and I'm not learning that much, though there is still good that has come from this experience. I'm currently not working, mostly just smoking (left?), watching TV, playing some WoW (yeah, I do that now), and sitting on my ass wondering about my future. And that's mainly what prompted me to finally post again: I'm at a pretty serious crossroads (in my mind... lol) regarding... what I want.... to..... do, with my life.

But that's seriously for another post, in another journal (and the further I get in this post, the more certain I am that a new journal will begin). So many memories in here... so many memories just in the posting page...

Rest in peace, lonelygayguy. But only rest -- never die.
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