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(I.) So here's the thing. I was expelled from Washington University in St. Louis, for supposed activities regarding marijuana. And this happened back in October/November. I don't wanna get into it in detail here, or anywhere, right now, because it is still possible that I could be prosecuted by St. Louis County. When that is all over, I will (a) explain it all here and (b) sue Wash U for their complete ineptitude in dealing with this matter.

Let's put it this way. Everyone reading this that knows me at all knows what I am and am not capable of, given my chronic depression and relatively severe social anxiety. So. I was expelled for things I don't wanna get into. But you know what I would and would not have done and/or would have been able to do. However, there was a marijuana dealer involved in this, in the same situation that I was in. A dealer, mind you. And the school knew he was a dealer. And get this, 'cause this is just fucking fantastic: he ADMITTED to having purchased 12 OUNCES, not eighths, not quarters, but ounces, of marijuana; and the school police (who are actually real police) found seven to eight ounces of marijuana in his room, which he admitted was his. And yet in spite of this information, the school decided that I was the bigger threat, the more important character in this obscene play, that needed to be expelled. And this dealer, this dealer that was caught with about eight ounces and admitted to purchasing 12, was suspended. 'Cause, ya know, there's totally a sensible reason to have 12 ounces of marijuana -- I mean, you know, despite the fact that if you smoked it consecutievly, and were high day and night, you couldn't finish it before it went bad and lost its THC or whatever. He had 12 ounces of marijuana, but he clearly wasn't a more important dealer than me.

I mean... w...t...f... you know? (ab. 12)
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