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Allusions to Robert Frost

(I.) It's times like this that I see the beauty in the world. I am listening to "My Old Man," the last song on Lemon Parade, an album by a great band named Tonic. You know them from the relatively big hit "If You Could Only See," or the song from the American Pie soundtrack, "You Wanted More." This is one of my favorite songs by them. No, scratch that. This is my favorite song by them. It strikes a chord personally with me, lyrically, but more importantly, the music is unbelievable. It's beautiful. It's hard, or rather, impossible, to explain. Obviously. It's just a beautiful song. And there's a point in the song, where a relatively short guitar solo occurs, and at the very beginning of that, just before the first beat of the second measure, there's one note that just sings out from the others so perfectly, and it's just beautiful. It makes me understanding the goodness in this world. So much of my life has been taken from me, spent mulling over everything bad about life. And then something happens--more often than not, it's me listening to a particular song, that just hits me. And I realize the fantastic things that this world can create. Something happens to me sometimes when I have a hypomanic episode, when I feel like all my problems are nonexistent, and everything is perfect. This is different. I still have a grasp on my problems, and I don't think they aren't a problem. But right now I feel like I could make more of my life by realizing these good things. And it's a wonderful thing, albeit one exceedingly difficult to explain. I don't update this much anymore, and I thought I'd add a note of happiness to this generally sad place. (10)
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